Astaxanthin – Nature’s “Red Gold”

Astaxanthin is Semadar products’ “wonder child”. It is known as the kind of Carotenoids and is considered to be one of the nature’s most potent and effective antioxidants, especially acclaimed for its substantial impact on the skin’s wellbeing.

Semadar’s Philosophy

Years before the people behind Semadar explored different layers of skin, they explored the desert. That enchanting oasis worked its magic on the company founders, who have delved into the myriad of dunes in order to unlock their mysteries. The Semadar founders have taken on a significant challenge – harnessing nature’s desert treasure and making it accessible to all.

Our Formula

We at Semadar have created a unique and carefully crafted formula that combines nature’s wonders and science, while ensuring the highest of quality, and a durable effective impact. Our line of skincare products contains an unprecedented concentration of Astaxanthin. Combined with exquisite ingredients, from organic pure essential oils and all the way to innovative formulas from the beauty-tech industry, the Astaxanthin transforms into a highly nourishing substance to general health, and to the body’s largest organ – our skin.

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