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It’s hard to believe that there can be so much life and lushness in the heart of the desert. But what started as a desire to uncover a different way of living has resulted in a life spent unraveling the secrets that give life here in the desert.

We left the city life in 1989 to discover the secrets of the desert and explore its rare plants that we knew were extremely resilient in surviving the harsh climate and extreme temperature changes. What we learned helped us build our own slice of heaven that we called Neot Semadar (Semadar’s Oasis).

We used this knowledge to create organic skincare products based on the surrounding plantation, our understanding of hydration processes and fused it with the latest technology.
Our products not only protect us from the harmful effects of the environment and the afflictions of modern life but that are mindful to how they are grown and the effects on the environment.


Living in the desert for us means getting involved in every aspect of desert living, from organic farming, desert architecture, irrigation, winemaking all the way to the arts.
Today, Neot Semadar symbolizes not only a symbiotic relation between man and nature, but also our resourcefulness in pursuing the life we’ve always imagined for ourselves.

In addition to the organic ingredients we use for our products, we grow dates, apricots, nectarine, peach, plum, pear and vineyards.

We still wake up every morning, inspired and awed by our surroundings and continue to unravel the desert’s secrets and toil in our experimentations. Our story is continuously being told through our products.


A powerful source of goodness
Located 400 meters above sea level, Neot Semadar has a unique climate, ranging from stifling heat to extreme cold. This causes constant stress on the local plants and forces them to adapt, become resilient and fight for every droplet of water. This is the secret of life in the desert and the basis for the potent active ingredients and ether oils we use in all of our products.

In addition, the distance from industry and mass-pollutants means almost no chemical intervention, leaving the ingredients to do what they were meant to do.


All of our skincare formulas are developed by Orit Zohar, a clinical pharmacist who has dedicated the last 20 years of her life studying the desert plantation, the keys to their survival and their medicinal effects on a wide range of conditions.

Naturally, all of our products are EcoCert, made from at least 80% organic ingredients (often up to 90%), some of which we grow on our organic farms, and the rest which we source from certified organic farms, some just down the road from us, others scattered around the globe.


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